About the St. Louis Sharks Technology Foundation


The St. Louis Sharks Technology Foundation exists solely for the purpose of raising money for the purchase of technology and other educational items for the St. Louis Public Schools. Purchased technology will be used directly by teachers and students and will help the teachers provide the highest quality education. Students will be provided with hands-on experience with modern technology that many will be required to use post graduation. Our students need the benefit of additional technology to help them be successful in today’s global economy.

Founded in 2010

The St. Louis Sharks Technology Foundation is a Michigan Non-Profit 501(c)3 Corporation. It was founded in 2010. It is comprised of Board of Directors who are responsible for the general affairs of the corporation. It is also the responsibility of the Board of Directors to receive and process requests from the St. Louis (Michigan) Public Schools and to allocate available funds to fulfill the requests.


The foundation's fund raising structure is designed to give the community as a whole the ability to financially support the quality of education provided to the students of the St. Louis Public Schools. With limited financial resources, it is difficult if not nearly impossible for the school to stay current with the advancements of technology. As a result, classrooms and media centers are equipped with outdated systems and software, leaving our students at a disadvantage post graduation. It is hoped that through one annual event, the foundation can rally the community to make a donation once a year for the purchase of needed equipment, software, and other educational tools.

The Big Event

The foundation's "Big Event" is held annually during the winter. By knowing ahead of time the approximate date of the event, committed donors can plan to include their donation in their annual budget.


The foundation relies heavily on the efforts of its volunteers. Contact us today for more information about how you can become a volunteer.